What zodiac signs go well together in a relationship?

lovers sitting under a big moonLooking for love and the connections that make for a harmonious relationship are the number one reason people consult astrologers.

Throughout history, civilizations have been gazing skywards and wondering how the movements of planets affect our everyday lives and the unions we make together with the other people in our lives.

Astrologers have devised many differing charts based on the time and date of our birth and discovered similarities in characteristics of people born under a certain star sign. This helps to give one a fascinating insight into past, present and possible future events. However, when talking about the future, this is only an interpretation based on probabilities of the various energies that may or may not be influencing a situation, so it is also important not to take an astrologers word as the stone cold truth.

Astrology & Relationships

It is human nature to believe that love is destined that there is someone in the world for everyone. The truth however lies in horoscope compatibility and the answers are generated if approached in the right way to us finding our ideal partner in a long-term relationship. However, I am a firm believer that there is more than one “right” person for everyone and our love life is not ultimately at the mercy of fate. But rather, we each do also have our own free will, which we can exercise as we wish in these matters.

Having said that, if a match is strongly against the energetic alignments of the stars then the universe will certainly let you know and then point you in the direction of a more suitable partner. This may be for the reasons of merely a more harmonious connection. However, in many cases also, two people are brought together to either do some kind of work, complete a mission together or to learn valuable life-lessons from one another.

The zodiac and its influences

zodiac signsThe zodiac is divided into twelve signs which in turn are segmented into four categories, known as the elements.

Fire is the controlling element of the star signs of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. Earth the element of Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. Air is the ruling element of Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. With the final element being water which covers Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Each element interacts with one another creating a unique link.

The astrological elements work within the zodiac in a scientific way of the main elements of our planet Earth. For instance if one was to pour water on fire, it would initially produce steam, but too much would extinguish the flames completely. Similarly adding water to the soil will make vegetation grow but too much would form a mud-bath. The same goes for the other two elements in as far as Air can blow the earth dry and turn it to dust but can also fan the flames of fire to make them burn brighter. This is just one aspect of many to consider when looking into compatibility at a Sun sign level.

When a person understands how the elements work in nature they can easily see how the signs of the zodiac control the relationship compatibility and how various signs interact or repel one another.

Success in finding love is all about knowing the characteristics of the various zodiac signs and using that knowledge to relate to the other person. There is no such thing as two signs being completely opposed to each other only an awareness of the differences that can erupt.

A cardinal fire sign is Aries and is known to always want to take the lead. So this sign may not be so good with another cardinal sign like Capricorn, Cancer or Libra. But looking at it from an element perspective Aries merges well with Air signs to set the sparks flying with the fire signs.

A good match for Aries would be Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius or Leo. The planets have a ruling influence and Mars is the ruler of Aries and could possibly be a great match with Venus ruled, Libra which is a recognised classic pairing of Mars and Venus.

If you would like to know more about the ruling planets for each sign, then here is a chart showing which planet governs which zodiac sign https://astrolibrary.org/rulers/.

Using Taurus as an example

The sign of Taurus is related to the element of earth. Therefore, one may say the best compatibility matches for a Taurus man would be Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio. But why these three signs in particular? For the Virgo woman, her element is also earth, so the two of them have a lot of similarities which can be complimentary and, therefore, they can have a lot in common and naturally be on a similar or the same wave-length.

When we look at a Pisces or Scorpio female in this situation, both of these ladies can water the earth sufficiently to make a flowering and flourishing relationship as they are both signs relating to the water element. However, both the Pisces and Scorpio woman need to be careful not to smother their Taurus man too much or they will drown the flames of passion completely as Taurus likes to be with an independent woman and one who will not stifle him. You can find out more information about a Taurus man at https://taurusmen.net.

If we were looking at a Taurus woman, however, then her best match is said to be Libra, Cancer or Pisces. So, why these three? Well, when it comes to a Cancer or Pisces man, it is similar to the Taurus male in that each of these water signs can water her soil to help bring forth a flourishing relationship. However, Libra is an air sign, there is said to be a karmic link that exists between these two as they have a lot in common with one another and can be mutually complimentary in a relationship. If you want to know more about the Taurus female so you can do your own research, you can find out more about her sign here https://zodiacthing.com/blogs/taurus/13-reasons-to-fall-in-love-with-a-taurus-woman.

Compatibility is understanding the influences that are projected from the elements which will initially form attractions but then moving forward with how these influences can manifest themselves within the relationship.

How to read a natal chart or birth chart

an astrology natal chartWouldn’t it be marvellous to be able to read the birth chart, also called the natal chart, of ourselves or anyone else who is close to us?

To be able to quickly assess a person’s characteristics, to see how their personality will affect their life pattern, and those around them. The birth chart listing the time we were born into this world in conjunction with the position of the planets, gives us mere mortals the opportunity of having this knowledge.

The Natal Chart

Everyone who enters this world is born under a birth sign depending on the calendar date, but more importantly the time of the day or night that they were born. The exact time of birth is of great importance and separates the individuals in relation to the positioning of their ruling planet.

To give the reader an understanding in the most basic terms of the importance of the birth chart.

Our universe is made up of planets which are continually moving around the Sun, and the location of the major planets is the birth sign a person is born under. Hence a person born under the sign of Virgo will have specific characteristics differing from someone born under Leo.

a birth chart for working out someones zodiac sign

The Universal Houses

Everyone at birth is represented by a house depending on the time of entry. The ecliptic is more specifically referred to as the path of a planet as it moves across our universe. The skeletal structure,
containing the houses, always remains in the same location for everyone.

Using the Western chart as an example, the far left is represented by the eastern horizon and is known as the rising ascendancy. This is the chart from the beginning and the starting point for the houses. The first house originating on the left then moving counter clockwise until we arrive at the twelfth house.

The descendant is the Western horizon and is obviously the opposite to the ascendant, with the crown of the chart representing the highest point in the ecliptic skyline. The bottom of the chart is the non – visible skyline that is below the natural horizon.

Beginning with the first house, which affects most areas of our lives, that will have an influence on our goals and aspirations. This also has a bearing on our self-image, which in turn relates to appearance. As we scroll through the various houses we find a pattern emerging with the influences that are transferred regarding the position of our ruling planet.

The Star Signs

Our birth sign is representative of the positioning of our ruling planet in relation to the zodiac and whether the sign was setting or rising. Once we have two components we can start to draw comparisons which in turn will give an overall indication of a person’s characteristics.

Every person is different and care should be taken not to rely on specific characteristics just because you know the birth sign someone was born under. A more specific assessment is obtained by knowing a person’s exact time of birth which will then give an astrologer the information to assess compatibility and character traits.

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Saturn Return – What You Need To Understand

The powerful planet Saturn is the one planet that can have a monumental effect on all our lives as there seems to be a direct link with a thirty year circle.

Our lives are directly influenced by our birth chart and the time of us entering this world. Every thirty years or so seem to be a defining time where events put us on a contented high or we seem to have the worries of the world on our shoulders.

How do you describe Saturn Returns?

The generally accepted version is a crisis of realisation of coming face to face with one’s deepest fears. All your long held aspirations and goals in life seem to be brought into question as you start to doubt who you are and even what you want out of life.

The astrological version relates to the orbit of Saturn which occurs every twenty nine and a half years as it makes its way through our universe with the affect having a bearing on the zodiac chart and the time a person was born. So if everything was milk and honey in your twenties then be prepared for fireworks in your fifties.

This transitional orbit can make its presence felt more at major crossroads of our lives, for example nearing a significant birthday like a big 4-0 or other life changing occurrence. In essence we refer to this time as a metaphorical rebirth.

How to Cope with Saturn Returns?

If you start to feel the enormous pressure of this time it is time to let go, and try to discard everything that no longer is necessary in your life. Maybe it would be time to change your job unless you really love it. Maybe it is a relationship that is dragging you down and needs perking up. This period may make you feel your environment is turning upside down, but really the planets are telling you that you have outgrown certain situations.

This is a time to re-evaluate your place in society and in life generally. Use this period to analyse how your life has been and think to the future of how it might become. Try to take a pragmatic view by taking small steps to change individual situations, rather than attempting to change everything at once.

Here are some tips from astrologer, Nicole Brenny on how to survive your Saturn Return process when it happens to you.

Enjoy the experience of change for the better

Self-reflection is the secret of handling the influences of the Saturn returns effects, and by looking inside yourself you will discover the forces you need to make a smooth transition. Allow your imagination and your dreams to guide you. The Saturn effect is telling you that your life has become staid and is passing quickly.

By letting yourself dream you are allowing your hidden desires to rise to the surface and free you from the mundane existence your life may have become. You may well be amazed at the opportunities that present themselves if we only allow ourselves the chance to dream and truly imagine ourselves in new places or new surroundings.

What are Retrogrades in Astrology?

two planets in close proximityRx is the symbol meaning retrograde which if looking at a planet from earth seems to be moving backward through the night sky. This process is however just an optical illusion, as it occurs as a planet like Mercury for instance looks as if it is moving backward but is caused because this planet orbits the Sun much faster than earth does.

If you find it difficult to view this phenomenon in the night sky you can get a feeling of the same experience traveling along a motorway. As you overtake a lorry or a large vehicle overtakes you there is a distinct feeling of moving backward, and this is how retrograde affects an astrology prediction or reading. However, the reading may still be left to interpretation by the individual astrologer.

The date and time of a person’s birth dictate their natal chart and the alignment of planets at this point in time forms the foundation of a character. For instance, the planet Venus in your chart indicates your values and attractions in love. The planet Mercury, in your chart, points to the mind and mental capacity.

The expression of the planet and how you experience the feeling tends to be unique to an individual and has a bearing on progress in life. There is a strong indication from some astronomers that a planet in retrograde is indicating a connection with a past life. Maybe even a connection to many past lives interwoven with our immediate ancestors.

Karma connected to Retrogrades

It can sometimes be very confusing to the layman, the differing approaches to obtain an astrological reading when both western and Vedic both work on the principle of the 12 signs of the zodiac but can be interpreted in different ways. Karma is more associated with Vedic readings and may choose to describe difficult situations as a punishment. These readings of woe and possible future disasters tend to be more connected to retrograde planet occurrences.

A qualified chart from a recognized astrologer indicates your lesson in life. Things you have already learned and other factions you are still working on. Karmic astrology should show in your chart a path to inner satisfaction and a way to peace and tranquillity, and how to learn to avoid the negative situations that we find ourselves in.

Understanding the influence of Retrogrades

The energies that are influenced on to us by the planets flow outwards giving us the feeling of pursuit and attainment. When a planet is in retrograde this tends to have a more negative effect on the way we may be feeling or how we are approaching certain situations.

The 12 signs of the zodiac represent the 4 elements of our lives and are divided into the 4 houses of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. The star sign that we were born under will have a bearing on one of these 4 elements and any astrology reading will differ significantly depending on the positioning of a certain planet. This is why a planet that is on retrograde can have an effect on a person’s inner feelings while transgressing to a new pathway.

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