Saturn Return – What You Need To Understand

The powerful planet Saturn is the one planet that can have a monumental effect on all our lives as there seems to be a direct link with a thirty year circle.

Our lives are directly influenced by our birth chart and the time of us entering this world. Every thirty years or so seem to be a defining time where events put us on a contented high or we seem to have the worries of the world on our shoulders.

How do you describe Saturn Returns?

The generally accepted version is a crisis of realisation of coming face to face with one’s deepest fears. All your long held aspirations and goals in life seem to be brought into question as you start to doubt who you are and even what you want out of life.

The astrological version relates to the orbit of Saturn which occurs every twenty nine and a half years as it makes its way through our universe with the affect having a bearing on the zodiac chart and the time a person was born. So if everything was milk and honey in your twenties then be prepared for fireworks in your fifties.

This transitional orbit can make its presence felt more at major crossroads of our lives, for example nearing a significant birthday like a big 4-0 or other life changing occurrence. In essence we refer to this time as a metaphorical rebirth.

How to Cope with Saturn Returns?

If you start to feel the enormous pressure of this time it is time to let go, and try to discard everything that no longer is necessary in your life. Maybe it would be time to change your job unless you really love it. Maybe it is a relationship that is dragging you down and needs perking up. This period may make you feel your environment is turning upside down, but really the planets are telling you that you have outgrown certain situations.

This is a time to re-evaluate your place in society and in life generally. Use this period to analyse how your life has been and think to the future of how it might become. Try to take a pragmatic view by taking small steps to change individual situations, rather than attempting to change everything at once.

Here are some tips from astrologer, Nicole Brenny on how to survive your Saturn Return process when it happens to you.

Enjoy the experience of change for the better

Self-reflection is the secret of handling the influences of the Saturn returns effects, and by looking inside yourself you will discover the forces you need to make a smooth transition. Allow your imagination and your dreams to guide you. The Saturn effect is telling you that your life has become staid and is passing quickly.

By letting yourself dream you are allowing your hidden desires to rise to the surface and free you from the mundane existence your life may have become. You may well be amazed at the opportunities that present themselves if we only allow ourselves the chance to dream and truly imagine ourselves in new places or new surroundings.

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