What are Retrogrades in Astrology?

two planets in close proximityRx is the symbol meaning retrograde which if looking at a planet from earth seems to be moving backward through the night sky. This process is however just an optical illusion, as it occurs as a planet like Mercury for instance looks as if it is moving backward but is caused because this planet orbits the Sun much faster than earth does.

If you find it difficult to view this phenomenon in the night sky you can get a feeling of the same experience traveling along a motorway. As you overtake a lorry or a large vehicle overtakes you there is a distinct feeling of moving backward, and this is how retrograde affects an astrology prediction or reading. However, the reading may still be left to interpretation by the individual astrologer.

The date and time of a person’s birth dictate their natal chart and the alignment of planets at this point in time forms the foundation of a character. For instance, the planet Venus in your chart indicates your values and attractions in love. The planet Mercury, in your chart, points to the mind and mental capacity.

The expression of the planet and how you experience the feeling tends to be unique to an individual and has a bearing on progress in life. There is a strong indication from some astronomers that a planet in retrograde is indicating a connection with a past life. Maybe even a connection to many past lives interwoven with our immediate ancestors.

Karma connected to Retrogrades

It can sometimes be very confusing to the layman, the differing approaches to obtain an astrological reading when both western and Vedic both work on the principle of the 12 signs of the zodiac but can be interpreted in different ways. Karma is more associated with Vedic readings and may choose to describe difficult situations as a punishment. These readings of woe and possible future disasters tend to be more connected to retrograde planet occurrences.

A qualified chart from a recognized astrologer indicates your lesson in life. Things you have already learned and other factions you are still working on. Karmic astrology should show in your chart a path to inner satisfaction and a way to peace and tranquillity, and how to learn to avoid the negative situations that we find ourselves in.

Understanding the influence of Retrogrades

The energies that are influenced on to us by the planets flow outwards giving us the feeling of pursuit and attainment. When a planet is in retrograde this tends to have a more negative effect on the way we may be feeling or how we are approaching certain situations.

The 12 signs of the zodiac represent the 4 elements of our lives and are divided into the 4 houses of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. The star sign that we were born under will have a bearing on one of these 4 elements and any astrology reading will differ significantly depending on the positioning of a certain planet. This is why a planet that is on retrograde can have an effect on a person’s inner feelings while transgressing to a new pathway.

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