How to read a natal chart or birth chart

an astrology natal chartWouldn’t it be marvellous to be able to read the birth chart, also called the natal chart, of ourselves or anyone else who is close to us?

To be able to quickly assess a person’s characteristics, to see how their personality will affect their life pattern, and those around them. The birth chart listing the time we were born into this world in conjunction with the position of the planets, gives us mere mortals the opportunity of having this knowledge.

The Natal Chart

Everyone who enters this world is born under a birth sign depending on the calendar date, but more importantly the time of the day or night that they were born. The exact time of birth is of great importance and separates the individuals in relation to the positioning of their ruling planet.

To give the reader an understanding in the most basic terms of the importance of the birth chart.

Our universe is made up of planets which are continually moving around the Sun, and the location of the major planets is the birth sign a person is born under. Hence a person born under the sign of Virgo will have specific characteristics differing from someone born under Leo.

a birth chart for working out someones zodiac sign

The Universal Houses

Everyone at birth is represented by a house depending on the time of entry. The ecliptic is more specifically referred to as the path of a planet as it moves across our universe. The skeletal structure,
containing the houses, always remains in the same location for everyone.

Using the Western chart as an example, the far left is represented by the eastern horizon and is known as the rising ascendancy. This is the chart from the beginning and the starting point for the houses. The first house originating on the left then moving counter clockwise until we arrive at the twelfth house.

The descendant is the Western horizon and is obviously the opposite to the ascendant, with the crown of the chart representing the highest point in the ecliptic skyline. The bottom of the chart is the non – visible skyline that is below the natural horizon.

Beginning with the first house, which affects most areas of our lives, that will have an influence on our goals and aspirations. This also has a bearing on our self-image, which in turn relates to appearance. As we scroll through the various houses we find a pattern emerging with the influences that are transferred regarding the position of our ruling planet.

The Star Signs

Our birth sign is representative of the positioning of our ruling planet in relation to the zodiac and whether the sign was setting or rising. Once we have two components we can start to draw comparisons which in turn will give an overall indication of a person’s characteristics.

Every person is different and care should be taken not to rely on specific characteristics just because you know the birth sign someone was born under. A more specific assessment is obtained by knowing a person’s exact time of birth which will then give an astrologer the information to assess compatibility and character traits.

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